How To Contact Coinbase customers can reach their support team at any of the telephone numbers below. 

For support, while travelling abroad, call the local number in your country of residence.

  • Email

Submit a support request following the below steps to

    •    Use the email address you use to sign in to Coinbase.

    •    Provide as much detail as possible regarding your issue.


Trusted Methods of Contact From Coinbase

  • Email addresses from Coinbase

Emails from Coinbase will always have the domain name at the end of them. For example, emails from,,, and any other email from the domain can be trusted.

Coinbase also sends emails from Coinbase sub-domains. For example, emails from or are valid. Note that the email address ends in

To verify the legitimacy of other channels, refer to these pages for social media and phone support.


  • How To Access The Chat Feature in Coinbase

To chat with Coinbase 24/7 about issues you may be experiencing, please select ‘Message Us’ in the bottom right-hand corner of any support page - for example ( from a web browser. You'll chat with their virtual assistant first, but you can reach a live support agent if you need more assistance.


  • Coinbase’s Mailing Address

Coinbase's mailing address is  548 Market St. #23008, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA. This is the mailing address listed on their website and is also the address of their headquarters.


To contact all Help access for Coinbase please click on this link, or paste this link into your browser:

Coinbase uses Twitter to provide status updates regarding Coinbase products. 

However, they do say that for security and privacy reasons, they're unable to assist with account-specific issues via Twitter. 

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