What Controls The Daily APR We Receive in The FARM?

Great question!!!!!!

Here's the answer!
The APR in the Farms is 100% dependent on the price of ESHARES.
The higher the price of ESHARE - the higher the APRs in the Farm.
The APRs in the Farms fluctuate (I have seen them fluctuate between 0.12% - 0.80% a day. However - let's not forget that even earning a 'low' amount of 0.12% A DAY - is still UNHEARD of in CONVENTIONAL finance - where a bank account could pay you 0.2% A YEAR)
So here is how everything works:
1: Buying (and not selling) EMP raises the PEG.
2: Once we are at PEG - ESHARE becomes a LOT more valuable.
3: That's why the value of ESHARE goes up when we are at PEG - because it means that any ESHARE staked in the Boardroom starts to earn free EMP (therefore making ESHARE valuable).
4: When we are below PEG - the value of ESHARE is lower.
5: When we are above  PEG - the value of ESHARE increases - and this also increases the APR in the FARMS.
I hope that helps you understand the process. 
I know there is a bit of learning at first!
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