What Is Included In The 4 Week Crypto Mastermind?

What is Included in the 4 Week Crypto Mastermind?

The 4 Week Crypto Mastermind is an Online Course hosted by Chris Farrell.
The training contains live and recorded content.  The live calls are optional to attend.
As soon as you join you will have instant access to an area called 'pre-training' and also Week 1's content.
The content for Week 2 will become unlocked a week later. 
And so on for week 3 and then week 4.
Additionally, there will be optional LIVE web classes that you will be invited to.
Further additional LIVE Q&A sessions may be added, depending on demand.
There will also be continual support and help available, in the form of live streams, a Facebook Support Group, and email support.
The 4-week content is step-by-step and is intentionally released over 4 weeks to avoid information overload.
This Mastermind has been created to allow you to start to earn a passive income within 4 weeks.  However, you do not have to complete the course in 4 weeks. If it takes you longer, that is fine.
You will have lifetime access.
As soon as you LOGIN to the Member's Area there is a 'Getting Started' section that will talk you through the above in more detail.
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