APR’s in the Farm - explained.

I’d like to take a moment to share something important with you about the APR’s in the FARM.

What I want to share with you is - the APR quoted in the FARM is NOT a fixed APR for a 24-hour period.

What do I mean by this?

Let's break this down!! 😃

Firstly - let's look at an example. 

Here is a screenshot from the ESHARE Pool.

As you will see from this screenshot - there is 300 ESHARE staked.

And at the time of taking this screenshot - the $ value of this eshare is $43866 (see figure 1 on the image)

Now - the APR as you can also see - is 0.24%

So - it would be logical to assume that to determine how much you would make within 24 hours would be:

0.24 x $43866 = $105.27

So - with these figures - many assume that we will make $105.27 over 24 hours.

However - this is not completely 100% accurate.

And here’s why.

In fact - there are TWO reasons.

 ✅ Reason 1: 

I know this is difficult to do - but ideally - in your Unclaimed Rewards - you want to STOP looking at the $ figure you are earning and instead focus on the ESHARE you are earning (see figure 2 on the image)

This is because your ESHARE rewards will increase every day - and that’s why we focus on this metric.

As opposed to the dollar value - which technically could fall in a 24-hour period - if the price of ESHARE falls.

Of course - as humans - we like to see a dollar figure!  😀 But this can be misleading!


We need to learn to ignore the $ figure. This is because the price of ESHARE can fluctuate wildly - and so it’s possible the dollar value of ESHARE may go down over the 24 hours - meaning the dollar value of your Unclaimed Rewards is lower than you thought it would be if you simply stuck with the math above of thinking ‘I will earn $105.27 in 24 hours’

Conversely of course - if the price of ESHARE increases in 24 hours - then you will earn more than $105.27 in the next 24 hours.

Again - that’s why it's important to NOT be fixated by the dollar figure - but instead - start to change your thinking to being ‘how much ESHARE have I accumulated over the last 24 hours’

So - to become further educated actors in the protocol - when it comes to ‘how much’ we may be making daily - we want to start looking at the amount of  ESHARE that our Pool emits over a 24-hour period (which will always increase)  — rather than the  $$ value itself (which can fluctuate based on the current market price).

✅ Reason 2: 

Added to the above - is the APR itself.

Although there is a Daily  APR figure quoted in the Farm (in the screenshot example you can see it’s 0.24%) - it is also IMPORTANT to note - that this ALSO fluctuates.

This Daily ARP figure is NOT a fixed figure.

I appreciate that in the Farm it says ‘Daily APR’ - but to be more precise - this APR figure does also fluctuate in real-time. 

So from the screenshot above- this 0.24% could change within an hour or so - and it can move in both directions - depending on how much value there is staked in the Farm itself and the price of ESHARES on the market.

The Daily APR figure, therefore, is a ‘snapshot’ at that exact moment in time of what the current APR is — but please use the APR as  an approximation of what you can expect to earn over a 24-hour period - rather than an exact figure.  Sure what you make will be close, but it could be a bit less or indeed a bit more 🧐 🤓 😎.

I hope this makes sense!

Any questions — please holler!

~ chris

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