Binance to Cease UK £ Withdrawals and Deposits For UK Client

If you are in the UK,  Binance will no longer be able to process withdrawals and deposits in £ from May 22, 2023

This means you can not send £ (from a bank) to Binance -- or indeed after May 22 -- you will not be able to withdraw any £ if you have £ in Binance (so you would need to remove before)

You CAN however still use Binance to purchase Crypto if you have funds in a Binance account.

In other words - if you have £ in Binance you could use it to purchase crypto. But if you sold this crypto for £ you would not be able to withdraw the £.

Depending on your goal, if you want to get started with crypto, we would recommend using either or - both of which make it very easy to deposit and withdraw £ - and then use that same £ to purchase Crypto.

I hope this helps!

You can read more if you are interested in digging deeper.

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